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Description:Believe it or not, what has brought me to the creation of this great 100% FREE Personal & Leadership Development site is failure. In all the years that I have been working (fairly successfully) in the corporate world, I have always felt something was missing like I was not trying hard enough to be my-true-self and reach success in my own terms. I wanted More Money. More Time for me and my family. More Independence. That is how I started working on creating my own business very early in the mornings, very late at night, during weekends and during holidays. And yet, despite everything I did, I was not reaping the success I was designing for myself. So I started the blame-game because it was so much easier to come up with excuses that somebody (or something) else was responsible for my results (or lack thereof). So I went to my Mentor (a brilliant and extremely successful character, responsible for the creation of several 7-digits online businesses) and started crying “Listen, I am fed-up with all this. I am doing everything I can, exactly as we talked about so many times, and yet I have less money than I had before, less time than I ever remember I have ever had for my family and for myself. And ZERO results. I want my life back!” This wonderful person listened patiently and carefully, took a few seconds to think and replied to me “Luca, why do you think you deserve to be successful?” “Because I am giving all of myself here and see nothing in return!” I replied. He narrowed his eyes and said “You have not earned the right to tell ME that you are doing everything you can. If you want to achieve the results that the most successful Leaders achieve, you need to start doing what the most successful Leaders do! Every single day!” …and he went on… “I want to make a deal with you here. I will tell you exactly WHAT you need to do, every day, for the next 30 days.” “IF then, you still feel you are not becoming a better Leader and closer to getting the results you think you deserve, we can talk again.” I accepted his offer. And I thank God I did. You see, this change in perspective allowed me to define what success I wanted and how badly I wanted it. And I am here to do the same for you. To inspire you and to give you wonderful resources you can use day in and day out to become a better Leader and get to the successful results leaders achieve.
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